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  • What does Mag-R and Mag-P stand for ? 
    • Answer: Mag stands for magazine and the R is for Rifle and P is for Pistol


  • Can I use a different bullet dropper than the Mr Bullet Feeder with the Mag-R ?
    • Answer: No, We are not aware of any manufacture other than Mr Bullet Feeder offering the bullet dropper for sale separate of their complete system.


  • Do I need the complete Mr Bullet Feeder Dropper Assembly ?
    • Answer: No you do not need the complete assembly. The only portion that you will need is the lower dropper.


  • Do you sell the Mr Bullet Feeder dropper?
    • Answer: Sorry we are not a distributor and have no intentions of becoming a distributor for the Mr Bullet Feeder dropper, a product of DAA. However there are several sources where you can purchase online. 



  • What is this black plastic part that was included with my Hornady Small Mag-P or how do I use it?
    • Answer: The black plastic or Delrin part is a spacer which is used to fill the extra space inside of the top of the Hornady die/dropper. Without this spacer you may experience your bullets tilting and jamming up which will not feeding correctly. This seems to only happen with 9mm round nose bullets. 
      • This link here (Hornady 9mm Spacerwill show a simplified picture of how it is to be placed inside of your Hornady die/dropper.

Bully Adapter

  • Can I use a different bullet dropper other than a Hornady with the Bully Adapter
    • Answer: No, The Bully Adapter was specifically designed to be used with the Hornady die. Each manufacture dies are of different size and the Hornady is the largest of them all.


  • I am having trouble with my 9mm RN 115 grain bullets hanging up inside of the top of the Hornady die. How can I fix this?
    • Answer: The issue that you are experiencing is not uncommon with the 9mm RN 115 grain bullets. Since the nose is round they tend to not stack on top of each other very well. If you do not want to use flat nose bullets then the fix is very simple. Use this link to download the instructions 9mm RN Hang Up Fix


  • Where can I get the Hornday die and the Lee Multitube assembly ?
    • Answer: We have had the best luck purchasing the Hornady Bullet Feeder Die and Lee Multitube from Amazon.  The Lee Multitube price varies depending on the seller, price seems to run between $25 - $38


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